Agron Merseli

About Me

Hi! I'm Agron Merseli. 

I am passionate about electronics and programming, this passion has always pushed me towards self-learning by reading, researching and studing new knowledge.

I started with CMS server-client web systems for publishing content on Internet. I contributed to the development of several open-source platforms such as phpBB, Wordpress and Joomla.

I have created small controlled domotics systems using embedded boards like Arduino, Raspberry Pi with supervision interface through applications developed on Android.

In my last working experiences I work as an industrial programmer for PLC control systems and HMI and SCADA supervisors. I write programs that make machines and plants work around the world.

In work, my two keywords are professionalism and continuous improvement to make what we do a passion as well as a job.

Lately I'm doing an advanced Python programming course which I find a very futuristic, open and multi platform system.


Treviso, Italy
+39 347 701 3119
Freelance Available


Any fool can write code that a computer can understand. Only good programmers write code that humans can understand.
Martin Fowler